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Timetable change

With the entry into force of summer time, the time of afternoon masses changes. From Sunday 31 March 2024 the afternoon…

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“Welcome to our Gargano!”

Welcome message to tourists from the Archbishop Dear friends and tourist friends, you have chosen our wonderful Gargano to spend…

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Monte Sant’Angelo and Mont Saint-Michel

Wonders is the title of the program, curated by Alberto Angelo and broadcast on Rai 1, dedicated to the extraordinary beauties…

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An intercontinental twinning

A special twinning was celebrated on 21 October: the Basilica of São Miguel Arcanjo, in Brazil, dedicated to the powerful…

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“Libera nos”: the docufilm presented

On 2 October the docufilm “Libera nos. The triumph of evil” was presented and screened in the Beato Bronislao Markiewicz…

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Two books on the Archangel Michael

The program of the novena in preparation for the September Feast of San Michele is also substantiated by cultural events,…

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Blessed the statue dedicated to St. Michael and St. Pio

On 22 September a new statue was blessed which will further enrich the artistic heritage of the sanctuary: it is…

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A special pilgrimage

On 1 July, in the late afternoon, the Shrine hosted a special pilgrimage. Special because it was done by only…

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“We entrust our ministry to you”

On the afternoon of July 26, the sanctuary hosted two “priestly pilgrimages”. In fact, at the foot of the Archangel,…

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