Memorial day of the Police

On Saturday, May 19, at the Basilica of San Michele, the commemorations and initiatives organized by the Autonomous Police Syndicate in honor of all the victims of the Mafia, terrorism, crime and duty ended. The focus of Memorial Day was the Walk of Memory, Truth and Justice, a journey of…...

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He has returned to the Father’s House

“When the time comes to unite with the supreme hour of the Lord’s passion, the consecrated person knows that the Father is now bringing to completion that mysterious process of formation begun some time ago. Death will then be expected and prepared as the supreme act of love and self-surrender…...

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Father of the night

A program of cultural and artistic events linked to the history of the Micelic cult and of the City of Monte Sant’Angelo itself has been added to the program of religious and spiritual celebrations before the Feast of the Apparitions. In synergy with the city administration and other local authorities,…...

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