Father of the night

A program of cultural and artistic events linked to the history of the Micelic cult and of the City of Monte Sant’Angelo itself has been added to the program of religious and spiritual celebrations before the Feast of the Apparitions.
In synergy with the city administration and other local authorities, the Sanctuary has given its contribution (of ideas, logistic and material) to the realization of a series of events, meetings, concerts, intended for a varied public and hosted (for most) at the “Bronislao Markiewicz” Auditorium.
On the evening of 30 April the refine and elegadnt concert by Sergio Cammariere took place.
The Calabrian singer-songwriter has enchanted the audience with the warmth of his voice and with the vibrant sound of the piano for an hour and a half proposing many of his songs, from the most famous to the most niche.
Suggestive the final song “Father of the night”, which appeared as a mystical and spiritual closure of the evening. In fact, the text reads: «Father of the night, flying with the wind, remove from my heart the anger and torment and make me return to the eyes of those I have loved when there is little hope that remains in my heart. Father of the night, everywhere is your mystery within every second as in every whole day: you who gave us the faith as to the birds the flight ». And he concludes: «Make this song of mine become a prayer».
Upcoming events (Auditorium):
May 4 at 8.30 pmSacred Work “Alleluia, San Michele”, by the late M ° Peppino Principe with a libretto by Oreste Fasano
9 May at 8.30 pm – Screening of the “MI-KA-EL” docufilm
11 – 12 May at 8.00 pmModern musical opera “Saint Michael, the Angel of the Apocalypse” For the complete program:

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