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Monte Sant’Angelo and Mont Saint-Michel

Wonders┬áis the title of the program, curated by Alberto Angelo and broadcast on Rai 1, dedicated to the extraordinary beauties of art and nature present in our “Peninsula of treasures”.

This itinerary, which crosses the sites recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, touched, in the episode of 28 December 2022, the crags of the sacred Gargano mountain, the earthly seat of the Prince of Angels: ┬źHere is the oldest sanctuary dedicated to Saint Michael. Built around the cave in which the Archangel would appear in 490, it was the main center dedicated to his worship throughout the West and one of the main pilgrimage destinations of Christianity ┬╗.

In fact, in the following centuries, numerous Micaelic sanctuaries were born in imitation of the Gargano one: among these, the famous Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, built on a stone coming from the Spelonca of Monte Sant’Angelo. Tradition has it that the Archangel appeared in a dream to the bishop of Avranches, in northern France, and ordered him to build a church on the rock in his honor.

“The roads of Europe┬á– comments the conductor –┬áintersect and meet”.

We offer you a brief passage of the transmission, relating to the special bond between the two Michaelic places of Gargano and Normandy.

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