“St. Michael, Paladin of legality”

“Today we turn to St. Michael, to the One who first fought for legality, that is, for respect for the order that God wrote in his creation”: these are the words with which Fr. Ladislao Suchy introduced the morning celebration on Friday 9 September, presided over by Msgr. Franco Micciché and who registered the participation of the Sicilian Delegation of the Parliament of International Legality.

The greeting of the Rector was echoed by the homily of the Bishop Emeritus of Trapani who, in his homily, substantiated the meaning of legality in an evangelical and practical key: “The Archangel Michael with his sword invites us to be careful and there” enlists “in the army of those who must fight the perennial struggle against evil. A fight that becomes more practicable if we always place God next to us. It is then necessary to acquire the authenticity of the Gospel, the best identification card and the most effective authorization to exercise those services that the Lord calls us to perform: only when we take seriously aware of who we are, of our poverty and limitations – but also of our talents! – we will be able to promote life ».

Institutional presence: the Vice President of the Province of Foggia, Giuseppe Mangiacotti, and the Vice Mayor of Monte Sant’Angelo, Rosa Palomba, who donated a statue of the Archangel to the President of the Parliament of Legality, Nicolò Mannino. It will have the value of a reminder of this event and a warning to a lifestyle dedicated to individual and collective good and correctness.

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