“Deliver us from the dragon”: the Archbishop at the feet of the Archangel

On the afternoon of March 25, the day on which the Church celebrates the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, Monsignor Franco Moscone rose penitently to the Mount of the Archangel.

The Pastor of the Diocese of Manfredonia – Vieste – San Giovanni Rotondo wished to celebrate the Divine Mysteries in the Sacred Grotto to implore, through the mediation of His faithful Angel, the benevolence of God in this time, dramatic and painful, characterized by the epidemic of Covid19 : «We are in the heart of one of the oldest sanctuaries of our Christian tradition, a cave where many millennia have risen to ask faithfully for God’s intervention through St. Michael: this evening we went up on behalf of all our communities and of all believing humanity, to make us mediators with the Archangel and to ask, with a single heart and one soul, the liberation from this sudden and unexpected scourge ».

In his homily, the Archbishop first stressed the importance of prayer: «It derives from the Latin” prece “and has the same etymology as the word” precarious “: this dramatic situation demonstrates our precariousness and our misery and for this, as believers in God to whom nothing is impossible, we must make ourselves people of prayer and intercession ».

The prelate’s thoughts went to those who “are struggling and working professionally to free people affected by this disease, hospitalized”: their commitment associates them with “the many angels who fight to free the world from evil” and which are part of “the great ranks of the army of San Michele in the fight against the” dragon “, which today is called the coronavirus». For this reason, the Heavenly Prince “donate the helmet of faith, to resist; the armor of charity, which pushes one to become close to those in need, even risking one’s life; the shoes of hope, to go through this moment, in the certainty that the Lord will give light and life ».

A reference was also reserved to the Archangel Gabriel: «He, who brought the message of announcement to Mary, help each of us, the Church, humanity, once this moment of extreme trial and suffering has ended, not to forget, not to lose your memory, and to build on this experience to put yourself in a position to build a story of freedom and responsibility “.

At the conclusion of the Eucharistic celebration, surrounded by the priest priests of Monte Sant’Angelo, Msgr. Moscone proclaimed the plea that he composed and addressed to Archangel Michael, as a trusting and persistent request for help and intervention in favor of his people.

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