“Opening up to a synodal Church”

Sunday 2 January, Msgr. Franco Moscone went up to the Mountain of the Archangel and celebrated the Divine Mysteries in the Sacred Grotto: “I am happy to be able to live part of this day here in Monte Sant’Angelo, in this sanctuary so beautiful and loved by Christianity and by so many people who they continue to rise even in a pandemic period; I am happy to be able to celebrate Mass in this place so holy and so fascinating that it recalls the mystery and wisdom of God “.

That of the Archbishop of Manfredonia – Vieste – San Giovanni Rotondo was also a visit to the “people”: “Today I will experience a moment of meeting in the streets of the city together with some young people who will want to accompany me in this experience of faith” in a different way “which will allow me to meet different realities, those on the street, the people”.

Words that fit fully – as the rector, Fr. Ladislao Suchy – in that “mystery of a synodal Church that listens to and wants to walk the streets of the world together”.

After all, the Incarnation finds its logic essentially in love and gift: “Let us lend our faces to the face of the Lord – concluded Father Franco – so that through us he makes his light shine which brings peace and creates life”.



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