Mercy: dilation of the Heart of God

The Second Easter Sunday celebrates the infinite Love of God: it is the Feast of Divine Mercy.

It was Jesus himself, appearing in a vision to Sister Faustina Kowalska, to express the desire that there was an occasion in which to meditate on his boundless mercy and from this receive graces and blessings. And Pope John Paul II officially instituted it in 1992.

The solemn Eucharistic celebration of this special Sunday was presided over by Mons. Domenico D’Ambrosio.

In his reflections the Archbishop emeritus of Lecce spoke … of Mercy as «immense dilation of the Heart of God»: there is no sin that can not be forgiven and «the Lord can not tolerate that his children – redeemed with the blood of Christ – remain excluded from his love».

The theme of Mercy is intimately intertwined with the very existence of the Cave of the Archangel: «where the rock opens, the sins of men will be forgiven». This is why Mons. D’Ambrosio invited the faithful and pilgrims who came to the Shrine «not to go back empty-handed» and wished them to experience, even in their fragility and infidelity, «the beauty of the meeting with the Lord who turns his heart to the miserable. We ask him, the Archangel Michael and Saint Faustina to help us to feel the breath of God’s mercy on us».

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