The leaders of the GdF at the Sanctuary

In the afternoon of April 13, several service cars crowded the square adjacent to the Sanctuary: a thick cordon of security that escorted the arrival of the General Commander of the Guardia di Finanza, Giorgio Toschi.

The Head of the Yellow Flames, on the Gargano on the occasion of the inauguration of a barracks in the city of San Nicandro, wanted to reach the millennial and sacred Place of San Michele: a visit of devotion and faith as well as institutional. In fact, the General was accompanied by his own family and by a large representation of the financiers (interregional, regional, provincial and local) of the Financiers.

To welcome guests, Father Ladislao Suchy, who outlined the picture of the rich religious, artistic and social history of the Celeste Basilica.

In the register of the illustrious visitors, Toschi highlighted the deep personal and family bond with the Archangel («so to have called the only son Michele») and at the same time requested for the body that leads «the most devoted prayer». The rector was given a plate bearing the coat of arms of Finance.

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