Like St. Francis

The Friars Minor of Puglia and Molise have St. Michael as their patron.

The Archangel was particularly venerated by St. Francis, who also observed a Lent of fasting and penance in honor of him.

Legend has it that the Poverello of Assisi, on his way to the Holy Land, climbed the Gargano Mountain and reached the Sacra Grotta: not considering himself worthy to enter, he stopped at the entrance and imprinted a tau on the rock, a sort of “signature “with which the progenitor of the Franciscans wished blessing and salvation.

This is why, for several years now, the fraternity of Minors, on the occasion of the provincial feast or, like this year, at the end of a Chapter, has gathered in Monte Sant’Angelo to pay homage to the Celestial Protector and to experience a day of prayer and sharing.

On May 14, over 70 friars became pilgrims and “populated” the Cave of the Archangel, celebrating the Eucharist and entrusting the results of the XLI provincial chapter to him.

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