The streaming Sanctuary: the palimpsest

The Basilica of San Michele finally has its video channel.

We could say that, thanks to modern and increasingly useful means of communication, the Shrine of the Archangel also becomes “2.0”.

From the end of the month of March (during Holy Week), in fact, a new type of connection began that allows those who are far away, sick or busy, to follow the celebrations of the Holy Cave directly from their computer.

It is the streaming, that is – in simple terms – the video and audio transmission through the internet. Four cameras ensure a range of “television” shots that will give the faithful / spectators the feeling of being really present before the altar of San Michele.

The ordinary program includes:

• on weekdays, the morning prayer at 7.45 am; the Celebration of Holy Mass at 11.00; the recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3.00 pm; Eucharistic adoration in the vigil in honor of the Archangel every 7th of the month at 8.30 pm;

• on holidays, the Eucharistic celebrations of 10.30 and 19.00 (18.00 in the solar hour).

On the occasion of liturgies and functions not scheduled, there will be direct special communicated through the social channels of the Basilica.

How can we follow?

Just connect (from your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart-tv) to this site (on the home page you will find a dedicated window) or on Youtube under “Canale Santuario San Michele”: in these virtual containers it will also be possible find recorded videos of past events.

We hope that, through this technology, many devotees can feel closer to the Celestial Patron and many others can discover the beauty of his message and the charm of his earthly home.

P.S. All video contributions will be archived chronologically in a dedicated page to allow them to be viewed even when deferred.

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