“Strong in faith and eager for hope”: the Rector’s Easter greetings


It’s Easter! A single and blessed night in which heaven and earth meet, the same one in which the real Lamb is killed and his blood blesses the houses of believers; one night in which – an amazing thing! – even our misery and guilt can be called happy, since it was expiated by such a great Redeemer.

My sincere wishes to you and the fervent prayers of the whole Michelita Community.

Probably this Easter will not be like the others. During the Easter Vigil we lit the Easter candle and in its light we discovered how empty and deserted the Grotto of San Michele was without you, faithful and devoted. We miss you, brothers and sisters!

In the light of the candle, which symbolizes the Risen Christ, we try to imagine the deserted church as the empty tomb of Jesus, which fills us with hope and not with sadness.

Let hope be expressed in prayer for each of you and for the whole world that lives this sad experience of forced isolation: let us pray to the Risen Lord for, as on that glorious Day, the door of our houses to penetrate, closed for fear of ‘epidemic. May the Lord show us his wounds again – the last proof of his passion and the first proof of the Resurrection -; sit with us at the table – the second test of the Resurrection -; fill us with his Spirit of forgiveness and peace – the third test of the Resurrection.

Be strong in faith, seek hope. Christ left the tomb empty because as a Risen Christ he wishes to fill our lives and our families with his presence and his love.

With love, P. Ladislao

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