Go up, pray, walk

A few days before the Feast of San Michele, Mons. Franco Lovignana arrived at the Shrine.

Leading a diocesan pilgrimage dedicated to the sacred destinations of the Gargano, on 1 October the Bishop of Aosta visited the places full of history and spirituality of the Basilica.

The reflection proposed during the Eucharistic celebration in the Sacred Grotto was inspired by the message that concludes the “journey” in the ancient Lombard path (so-called “Crypts”) at the foot of the altar of the apparitions: “Go up, pray, walk”.

“Sali”: “The Archangel invites us to look up towards the High, towards God, the only one who can bring man out of sin”. “Pray”: “Life often risks being” dumb “: the intercession of Saint Michael restores the beauty of the prayerful word that relates man to the Lord”. “Walk”: “We cannot remain still, we cannot be Christians for ourselves: we must” go out “and bring that immense treasure that is constituted by faith and the Word”.

And the conclusion: “Let there not be a day in our lives in which we do not raise our eyes to God, we do not pray and, with an open heart, we do not set out to give the love of God”.

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