Calendar “Michael” 2021

All devotees of St. Michael who will visit the Shrine of the Archangel in these summer days will find the “Michael” 2021 Calendar already available.

What is the kingdom of God like? It is similar to a mustard seed which, when grown, has become a tree on whose branches the birds of the sky have sheltered “(cf. Lk 13: 18-19). Similar to a mustard germ, small and inconspicuous, were the person and work of Blessed Bronislao Markiewicz: sown as an evangelical seed by Providence in the fertile soil of the hearts of believers, he became a pious, zealous and charismatic priest. God, who reads in the hearts of men, kindly considered all these qualities of his and therefore, in order to improve it further, wanted to implant him in the already fruitful vine of the Salesian Congregation”.

With these words the Superior General of the Michelites, Fr. Dariusz Wilk, presents and introduces the theme of the new calendar, dedicated precisely to the Fathers who offer their service, so precious, at the Altar of the Archangel.

It is a very important year for them as it marks the hundred years since they received the first ecclesiastical approval of the charitable work that had begun its journey in the form of a secular society. Then, in 2021, also falls the twenty-fifth anniversary of their presence at the helm and care of the most important sanctuary in the entire Christian West dedicated to the Victor of Satan, St. Michael, whom the Founder chose as a particular defender and protector of the Congregation.

The pages of the preface, the images and the captions of the date open the gaze, as the Rector writes, p. Ladislao Suchy, “on the work and devotion to the Prince of the Angels of the Michelites. The main theme, therefore, is represented by a synthesis, suitably adapted to a few and indispensable hints, of the history, charism, spirituality and apostolic activities of our Religious Family with particular regard to the devotion to the Archangel in the personal life of its members, in works and pastoral action in the various regions of the world”.

It is possible to collect the Calendar directly at the Basilica, by requesting a copy via email ( or by subscribing to the Bulletin of the Sanctuary.

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