Be a sign of God!

On Saturday 22 September, the September novena was enriched with an exquisitely vocational meaning: the novice Pier Paolo Latini and the seminarian Jaroslaw Lechininski issued the first and renewed the second, their religious vows.

A celebration of and in the family: the two young men have, in fact, promised God to serve him in poverty, chastity and obedience above all before the Patron of his own Congregation, the Archangel Michael; moreover, witnesses were not only the priests of the Community of Monte Sant’Angelo, but also the confreres, the mayor, the relatives and the parishioners of Castel Sant’Elia, seat of the Michelic seminary and the birthplace of Pier Paolo.

In a crowded crowd of faithful, Rector P. Ladislao Suchy explained how important it is to welcome and to correspond to the love of Jesus to remain faithful to that “yes” said on the day of baptism, which is summarized with greater intensity for the consecrated of the religious profession: «Being disciples of Christ, being micheliti does not mean doing things, even if they are good and attractive: dear Jarek and Pier Paolo, each one of you becomes michelite because of someone, because of God who loved you, who has looked at you, who has conquered you and has invited you to follow him, asking you to collaborate with him».

And he concluded with the wish to be «always guided and protected by Saint Michael to be a sign of God for the young and for the people you meet».

The two seminarians will therefore continue their journey of formation in the city of Viterbo: they will be joined by two other boys, Emanuele Marino and Felice Piemontese, who will begin the year of novitiate.

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