Lenten appointements

Lent is the strong time of penitence and conversion that prepares for Easter.

The Church urges people to renounce their pastimes and to devote themselves more to prayer and spiritual formation.

In this sense, the community of the Micheliti Fathers has prepared a series of prayerful and meditative events.

From Monday to Saturday the prayer of Lauds will take place at 7.45 am in the Grotto of the Archangel and that of the Vespers at 6.30 pm in the Church of the Madonna della Libera. At 3.00 pm, in the Basilica, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be recited.

Every Thursday at 19.00 in the Church of the Madonna della Libera there will be the Lectio Divina during which it will be possible to deepen the Word of God.

Also in the Church dedicated to the Virgin, every Friday at 5.30 pm the stations of the Via Crucis will be meditated (followed by the celebration of Holy Mass).

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