Polish Peregrinatio: stage in Czestochowa

It is now 5 years that Poland is crossed by the Peregrinatio of the statue in copy of St. Michael: 670 parishes in all the Polish dioceses, 320 religious houses, schools, orphanages, hospitals and social assistance houses.

A precious opportunity for the many faithful who have experienced the joy of the encounter with the Archangel and the particular grace deriving from prayer: about 300,000 people have, in fact, decided to wear the scapular of St. Michael.

On July 7, the statue of Prince Angelico stopped at the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Czestochowa – Jasną Góra: to welcome him a huge and joyful crowd of people who accompanied the entrance to the church with songs and hymns.

To attend the event, wanted in conjunction with the Conference of the devotees and the Knights of St. Michael, Fr. Ladislao Suchy, Rector of the Celeste Sanctuary Gargano: his presence has witnessed the bond between the Gargano and Poland that is strengthened more and more also thanks to the pastoral work of the Micheliti Fathers.

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