Monuments looking for an actor: the video

Can monuments be able to speak?

This is what the project “Monuments in search of an actor” aims for: a calendar of events aimed at discovering the spiritual and historical messages that preserve the “stones” of the centuries-old monuments of the City of the Archangel through music and prose.

Sunday, January 27th in the Holy Cave took place “I tell you the Shrine of St. Michael the Archangel”.

The voice of the actor Ettore Bassi and the sound of a harp plucked by Valentina Augelli accompanied an ideal path in the heart of the Micaelic cult and in that Spello from which it all began: «The cult of the Archangel Michael was born on Mount Gargano , and with it was born the place of worship, this Sanctuary. Where before there was nothing now God had arrived, in the form of an angel. And so it was that the men also arrived: all lined up on the mountain, and their steps drew the road where the road was not there».


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