No green pass to access the sanctuary

From 6 August, the Decree of 23 July 2021, n. 175, containing urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency and for the safe exercise of social and economic activities: among the various provisions, it presents the green pass as a sort of “passport” thanks to which it will be possible to access a series of services and facilities.

As well specified in the ministerial text and warmly reiterated by the Italian Episcopal Conference in a specific information sheet, the “pass will not be required to participate in liturgical celebrations”.

Therefore, the pilgrims who arrive at the Shrine of the Archangel will not have to show any vaccination documents.

However, the rules in force remain valid: use of masks, spacing between desks and reduced number of presences, exchange of peace without contact, communion only on the palm of the hand, empty holy water stoups.

It is not possible to make reservations to visit the Sacred Grotto and / or to participate in the Holy Mass: once the allowed number has been reached, the faithful will have to wait outside the sanctuary waiting for seats to be vacated. Several large screens and a widespread amplification system will still allow you to follow the functions.

We therefore invite all the devotees of St. Michael to return to his “earthly home” in an attitude of filial veneration and serene observance of the norms indicated: “The country of the future is being built – write the Italian bishops -. It is not a time for useless contrasts, but for open dialogue: the future of our children is at stake ».

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