Feast of joy and light: Christmas greetings


we are at Christmas and with joy we come to you to extend our best wishes.

In these days the Word of God presents to us the greatest Witnesses who believed and entrusted themselves to the Lord: they entered with Him in a great relationship of love, nourishing deep faith, placing themselves in total availability, assuming attitudes of humility, of joy and contemplation.

Joseph confidently surrenders to the Mysteries of God and takes with him Mary who will give birth to the Savior of humanity.

Mary, with her “Yes” gives us “Emmanuel” the “God-with-us”: the omnipotence of God becomes helpless weakness in a newborn baby!

And it is precisely this Child that humanity of yesterday and today has had and is in great need of! In the darkness of violence, selfishness, tears, in the precariousness of today and in the fear of the future, men seek the light, the Star of Bethlehem that will bring them back to believe, to hope, to love.

Let us pause, therefore, in adoring silence in front of the crib, entrusting to him what we carry in our hearts.

Let us pray for Peace to come to this humanity loved and redeemed by the Lord. God wants to transform us into an instrument of love for others, heralds of his tenderness.


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