Christ is truly risen!

With hearts full of joy and open to God’s surprise, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, who has definitively triumphed over death.

The announcement of Easter, in addition to sowing joy and hope, leads us to have the same haste as Peter and John who, at the dawn of the new day, ran to the tomb eager to meet the Risen One.

It’s a new day, a day of light, a day of hope.

Pope Francis tells us: «Brother. sister, if you carry a dark hour in your heart, a day that has not yet dawned, a buried light, a broken dream, open your heart with amazement at the announcement of Easter: “Do not be afraid, he is risen!”. Your expectations will not remain unfinished, your tears will be dried, your fears will be overcome by hope. Because the Lord precedes you, he walks in front of you. And, with him, life begins again! ».

Happy and holy Easter!

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