The procession: a journey of “relationship”

A much awaited religious event, full of a profound meaning of faith, sonship and devotion, is without a doubt the Procession of September 29th.

The Statue and the Sword, carried through the streets of the City, characterize the ideal presence of the Archangel who “goes out” from the Grotto and meets his people to visit him, comfort him and to mediate graces and blessings in his favor.

The extraction of the sword, first and foremost, and the release of the saint, is always exciting: thousands of faithful greeted the effigy of the Angel of God, amidst the festive ringing of bells, pyrotechnic barrels and loud applause. Then, moving from the upper Atrium of the Basilica, the sacred procession was formed, each year more and more full of participants, led by Mons. Franco Moscone. Not only simple believers: the clergy, religious families, confraternities, associations, municipal and district representatives, children, young people and the elderly took part in this journey, marked by some stops, during which more specific are the intentions of prayer (for migrants, for rulers, for the sick, for the City) and blessing with the holy sword is imparted. Just the sword was repeatedly requested and kissed by those who attended the procession on the sides of the road or on the doors of the house as unable to complete the entire journey. Also for them and to honor the Celeste Patron, for a stretch of road the Archbishop carried the Statue of San Michele on his shoulder, assisted later by the Mayor, Pierpaolo D’Arienzo.

Hence the meaning of his words uttered when returning to the Sacred Spelon: “This procession demonstrates that Monte Sant’Angelo has a heart and a missionary vocation. You are a church, using the words of Pope Francis, “outgoing”. Going out means relating to each other, not being afraid of the brother or sister, but being available also to let ourselves be met, to seek and find answers together and to create dialogue “.

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