Peregrinatio takes up again

The journey of the “pilgrim” statue of San Michele begins again.

From October 10 to 13, in fact, the statue and the sword of the Archangel will visit the Parish “Santa Maria dei Latini” of Acquaro (VV).

In the letter sent to his faithful, the parish priest, Fr. Rosario Lamari, pointed out that the arrival of the Prince of Angels should take place “one year after Pope Francis asked, reciting the Holy Rosary of October, to add to the term two invocations, the first to the Madonna and the second to San Michele “: a pious practice that the community of the center of Calabria has continued to play since then every day. For this reason, the presence of the illustrious Guest will be a powerful intercession with God the Father to ask “to be freed from evil temptations and to pour out on the community, on families, on children and young people, on the sick, copious heavenly graces”.

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